Monday, March 12, 2012

Tripping on...SEO Writing

Coming out of college, my first job was to work as a "technical writer". I put those in quotations as it wasn't exactly the technical writing that people know. What I actually did was write the product descriptions that you found on sites like bestbuy or amazon. After about 3 months, I moved on to another company and became a copywriter for a company's SEO marketing team.

Writing being somewhat of a passion of mine, I found the job relatively easy. It wasn't that much of a hassle to write the articles, press releases, blogs and what not. The workplace was also not that strict and I remember being able to play the PSP with some of my workmates during our admittedly extended break times.

It was also through my workmates that I was able to get some sideline work. I was able to do some writing for other websites apart from my regular tasks. The good thing is that after I left the company, I was able to continue my side line work with my former workmates acting as my clients.

So what am I saying this story now? Well, this blog was started because after a while I suddenly had no steady client stream. I thought that this would be a way to keep my writing sharp, and release some stress. However, I fortunately renewed an agreement with a previous client to write for him again. Thus, random trips would be put on a semi-hiatus.

Yes, I would continue posting some articles here but I would probably spend more of my time focusing on SEO Writing again.

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